by Parallax

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released July 7, 2012

Recorded at Talea Records (Bogotá, Colombia) and Producciones Peligrosas (Granada, España). Produced by Jesús Olarte and Patricio Stiglich. All songs by Parallax. Art by Juan Camilo Osman.

Parallax are:
Hernán Rojas - Vocals & Guitars
Patricio Stiglich - Guitars & Effects
Luís Ramírez - Bass
Neto Fernández - Drums

Parallax thanks: Jesús Olarte, Gustavo Lara & Daniel Daza at Talea Records. David & Loop Live, Academia de Artes Guerrero, Academia Fernando Sor, Academia Superior de Artes de Bogotá, Alex & Oscar at Ozzy Bar, Vladimir Vásquez & Guitar Outlet, Canal 13, Jeremy Ávila & team at Vs la Batalla Musical, Alejandra Vicaria, Holofónica, Pablo Russi & Sala Nómada, Jorge Holguín (Pyngwi) & Art&Co Holding, Leo Carreño, Laura Santamaría, Alejandra Romero, Leonardo Stiglich, Juan Camilo Osman, Patricio Stiglich Project, Andrés Cardona, Andrés Gualdrón y los Animales Blancos, Chino, FUC, Gato Blanco, Pumm.

Parallax would also like to thank:
Hernán: Hernán Rojas Sr., Gladys & Aguilar family, Alejandra &
Romero family, Juan Codorníu, José Antonio Sánchez, Arturo Durán & all friends around the world.

Patricio: God, my family, Laura Santamaría, Noiszart, Divagash,
Vladimir Vásquez & the Guitar Outlet family, Antipoda, Jeremy Ávila &
canal 13, AAG, ASAB, Cristancho, my fellow student-teachers. Patricio uses Dean guitars exclusively.

Neto: God -creating and renewal source of the universe-, my family, Camila Sierra, Orion, Alex & the Ozzy bar family, Flor Romero, Aleja Vicaria, Hernán, Lucho & Patricio for friendship, musicality and tolerance through the band's stages, all fellow bands in the genre and all friends and students with whom I shared and learned in every way.

Lucho: my mother, Luna & Sofía Ramírez Fuentes, Martha Fuentes,
Kraken, Academia de Artes Guerrero, Academia Superior de Artes de
Bogotá, Angelica Chimbi, Camilo Ardila, Antonia R.C., all of my students and friends.



all rights reserved


Parallax Bogotá, Colombia

4 musicians going their own way, no restraints. From Bogotá, Colombia.


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Track Name: Nanocosmos
I submerge in the profound
In my psyche where it is found
Where my fears dwell
Uneasiness, universe in a shell

Sleepless, daydreaming with this sea of stars
It is all I have…

Staring voiceless at my shade
Through long days and sleepless nights
Flowing comes from time and space
I can barely comprehend
I begin to feel like floating away
Drifting, gone astray
I'm constrained in this blue entity
Trying to cross immensity

Solos: Patricio, Hernán

Lying restless and disturbed
Trying to be at ease to find
The balance in this cosmic trap
Save me from myself…

Staring voiceless at my shade
Through long days and sleepless nights
Flowing comes from time and space
I can barely comprehend
I begin to feel like floating away
Drifting, gone astray
Trying to cross immensity
Deceitfully displayed by our limited minds
Track Name: Stargazing
Submerged deep into books stole beauty from the words she read
Yet every try turned futile to her already made up mind
Acted out the indifferent
Things seemed so clear... and it was hard to turn away

The rain has stopped falling now
Your face is just a blur in a sea of shapes
But memories remain
Details still carved deep sunken in the mind

Long time has passed
Years since your gone
How can it feel to miss what you never had
And since you left
Nothing has changed
And still I dream when at night I gaze at stars
Parallel universe that's lost away

Solos: Patricio, Neto

Behind the noisy crowds
I've seen her from the safe
Her eyes were filled with doubt
Can't hide an emanating pain
Can't take the pain inside away

I can't unwind the ties that confine us
I can't deflect the tides that estrange us
Can't rip the veils that blind our way
Give me your hand it's all it takes
Track Name: Brainwave

Solos: Patricio.
Trade-off solos: Hernán, Patricio, Hernán, Patricio.
Track Name: Benediction
Brought forth into this filthy world
Despised by the ignorant and damned
The poet, spawned in blasphemy
Into a nest of scorn and sin
"Into the flames cannot toss him back at you,
shall I spew the hate you load on me"
Not understanding the eternal designs
She reserved the pyre for a mother's crimes.

Protected by angels unseen
The outcast child is enrapt by the sun
Dances with the wind, converses with the clouds,
And singing, transported, goes the way of the cross

All those whom he would love look upon him with fear
All those whom he would love test on him their inhumanity.

Trade-off solos: Patricio, Hernán.

Skyward, to a Throne blaze splendid,
The pious Poet lifts his arms on high:

"Blessed be You, Oh God, who give us pain,
As cure for our impurity and wrong
Space and time, beyond the temporal grave,
Weave me a mystic crown, free from all earthly flaw."

Solo: Patricio.
Track Name: Quasar

Solo: Patricio.
Track Name: Supermassive Black Hole

Solos: Hernán, Patricio, Hernán, Patricio.
Track Name: Void
Let not us die in vain
Let not our thoughts be lost
Let not us be indifferent
As we dissolve amidst the void... into nothingness.

Solo: Patricio.
Track Name: Andromeda

Monster harmony: Patricio.